in hospital project


  • 3,9 million inhabitants in Salvador metropolis, 3 million in Salvador
  • +23% growth between 2000 and 2010
  • +100% between 1980 and 2010
  • Current Salvador expansion is closer to Salvador International Airport and the large Paralela axis which saw the rise of both office buildings and residential condominiums
  • Strong demographics
  • The proximity of both the International Airport of Salvador and the future tramway to Salvador city
  • As well as its strategic situation on the way to Linha Verde coastline
logoRede Optimus

Key Design Goals

Hospital with 220 beds developed according to Rede Optimus’ Key Design Goals

Patient centered

Care and family part of the care process.


Operations, clinical safety, optimal functional relationships, modern systems and low upkeep requirements.

Sustainable design

Reduced energy usage.


For expansion and new technology.

Healing environment

To include art, nature and hospitality, not just science 
and technology.

3 Integrated circulation systems

with separate entrance

Emergency Medicine

Single room treatment concept , which provides a large number of private treatment rooms so that each patient and their family are taken directly to one room for part of the admission process and all of their treatments . The result being the patient experience of being seen and attended to almost immediately.

Inpatient care

Here we find compact blocs of single patient rooms with sufficient private space and amenities, space for their families and views of nature and the outdoors.

Outpatient care

A. The ambulatory clinics which are organized in modular units, each of which has standardized waiting, reception, exam, consultation and office areas
B. Day care centre with separate lounge area for preparation and recovery

Integrating information technology

  • Central registration points to capture basic information for the database only once.
  • Computer assisted scheduling.
  • Management systems that track patient arrival times, length of wait and final results.
  • Wireless network linked to staff smart phones and communication systems.